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About interaX
Privacy and Security

What is interaX?

interaX is an online healthcare platform

Is interaX free?

interaX App is available for free download, so you can quickly get started with its unique features. And, if you are looking for even more value, there is a paid plan.

Are there any fees associated with being a member of the community?

No fees are required to be a member of the interaX community.

Are the doctors on the platform verified?

We ensure that doctors are certified and registered under the relevant laws and regulations before adding them to the platform.

Can I talk to a medical doctor online in Nigeria for free?

Yes, with InteraX, you can access a huge directory of doctors in Nigeria, consult them anyday and anytime from the comfort of your mobile devices and get satisfactory answers to your medical concerns.

Can I access the community from any device?

We encourage using the mobile app as it offers seamless access. We're also exploring ways to improve website accessibility for everyone. Download interaX for Android and ioS devices.

Can I communicate with a doctor or healthcare professional through the app?

The interaX mobile application gives you quick access to registered healthcare professionals nationwide, saving you time and stress.

Is it possible to schedule online appointments or consultations through the community?

While we currently offer chat as a means of communication, we're exploring the possibility of adding online appointments in the future. Our priority is to ensure that any new features we introduce meets your needs.

Can I ask questions and receive answers from the community's healthcare professionals or experts?

You can ask questions in the community and have healthcare professionals answer your questions.

Can I share interaX with people outside the community?

Yes, you could be motivating someone to live healthier. You are welcome to share the application link with friends and family.

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