Your Health & Wellness are our Priority

We believe healthcare should be accessible to everyone regardless of location or social status.

What we do

At interaX, your health and wellness are our priority, and we believe healthcare should be accessible to every Nigerian. That is why we tailored our services to meet your healthcare desires and solve your problems.

Online medical consultations:

Access medical expertise from anywhere in Nigeria without having to travel long distances or wait for hours in a crowded clinic.

Access to a network of verified healthcare professionals across Nigeria:

Access a wide range of medical specialities, and connect to a professional to get the care that you deserve.

Virtual appointment scheduling and booking:

Book medical appointments online easily and conveniently without leaving your home or office.

Electronic medical records management for patients and healthcare providers:

Access your medical records anytime, anywhere, and securely share them with your healthcare providers.

Health education and awareness campaigns for Nigerians:

Stay informed and empowered about your health and wellness and access reliable and up-to-date health information through our blog and communities.

What we do
Why interaX?

We care about you well enough to create a platform that meets your healthcare needs. But do you care enough? Well, if you don't mind settling for average healthcare, then you probably don't need interaX. But if you want high-quality care, choose:


interaX strives to be innovative and constantly seeks out new ways to improve the delivery of healthcare services to you.


interaX provides a nurturing and caring community that puts your needs first.


interaX is a trustworthy platform that provides high-quality, reliable online healthcare services in Nigeria.


interaX is efficient and provides quick and timely access to healthcare services and information.


interaX is responsive to your needs and offers you personalised care and attention.


interaX is accessible from anywhere across Nigeria, regardless of your location or socioeconomic status.


interaX community has registered and professional healthcare service providers in Nigeria to ensure you have the best possible care.


Invest in your health

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